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For the Culture: Part I - Asynchronous

For the Culture: Part I - Asynchronous

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This is an asynchronous, pre-recorded mini course that you can access at your own pace. You will still be able to receive a micro-credential with the submission of a implementation reflection. 

For the Culture: Unpacking the New Illinois Culturally Responsive Teaching Standards, Part 1

Course Facilitators:

Lisette Jacobson and Maurice McDavid

Course Description: In this course, participants can plan on becoming more self aware as an educator which will include their biases and their strengths that can be used to help facilitate an educational system in which all of our students can and do have success. Through an in depth review of each of the Illinois Culturally Responsive Teaching and Leading Standards and built in coaching, educators will leave ready to take action and create change for the betterment of our diverse student population.

 Session Titles:

Who Am I and Who Am I Becoming: An intro to the standards and Standard A
It’s Bigger Than Me But I Can Help: Standard B and Our Role in Changing Systems
Reaching EACH Child: Standard C and the Individuals in My Classroom
Co-Architects and Co-Constructors: Centering the Student and Standard D

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