The Opportunity Coalition Story

The Opportunity Coalition Story

From educators in three adjoining districts in Lake County to coalitions operating in communities serving over 300,000 students, the Opportunity Coalition work has consistently grown over the past five years. Why?

We believe there are three main reasons.

These three reasons align with the three Core Values of the Opportunity Coalition, which are:

Question the Status Quo, Always Build with Others and Maintain Relentless Pursuit

The first reason for our growth is that people understand that when it comes to providing opportunity for all students in America to become their very best, we can do better and that we must do better. The mission of the Opportunity Coalition is to gather educators, administrators, Board of Education members, parents, students and other community leaders to work together to reduce the negative impact of opportunity gaps that exist in our communities. Instead of the deficit mindset, ‘blame the victim’ mentality of so-called achievement gaps, we believe there are structural barriers that act as obstacles for our students to become their best. We aim to “Question the Status Quo”, abolish those barriers and build opportunity for all.

 The second reason has to be the amazing educators that make up the coalition. Their creativity, compassion and courage to challenge the status quo are inspirational. Please read about some of their stories here, here and here. We will be adding new stories weekly, so please join our newsletter list and I am sure these stories will help keep you inspired and encouraged. Our leadership development cohorts are based on coaching and community. In other words, we “Always Build with Others”.

 The third reason for our growth is that everyone loves opportunity. The word evokes exciting new possibilities, perhaps not yet even imagined or conceived. Educators believe that ALL children deserve opportunities to explore their curiosities, their passions and their hopes for a bright future. Educators also want opportunities for THEMSELVES. We believe in a PD model that is centered on creative “Practice Development” and are building that in our Learning Studio project. We believe in creating opportunities for Teacher Leaders to grow, develop their skills and learn how to help lead their schools, districts and communities. We believe by shifting away from a “I have to” culture towards an “I get to” culture, we tap into the powerful internal motivation needed to maintain “Relentless Pursuit”.

We hope you join us. Every year we support multiple Leaders for Just Schools, Level I leadership development cohorts and we have a place for you. We are also launching the brand new Educator Voice Academies to Amplify Marginalized Perspectives and we would love to support you as you advocate for your students and for public education. The challenges we face are great, but the opportunities are even greater.

We are Stronger United.

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