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Care: District #120 Sponsorship

Care: District #120 Sponsorship

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Blankets and Boundaries: K-12 Strategies for Creating Safe and Caring Spaces

Course Facilitator:

C. Duke Novak, LCSW, MBSR-T, CCTP

Duke works as a high school social worker, at Ann and Robert H. Lurie’s Children’s Hospital, and also teaches graduate-level social work courses at Aurora University. Duke taught pre-k through 6th grade, worked at a juvenile detention center, and has written, acted, and directed stage plays. You can listen to his educational theories on the podcast “Blankets and Boundaries: Being present with our children.”

Course Description:

This course will teach the importance of creating safe and trusting relationships with yourself, your students, and your colleagues. These healthy and strong relationships are the foundation for becoming an exceptional educator. This course is not designed to give teachers MORE to do, but rather to discover what they already do that is exceptional and build from there to create a more balanced approach.

Course Dates:

November 13, November 20, November 27 and December 4

All sessions will run from 4-5:15pm

Session Titles:

Why are 'blankets' AND 'boundaries' BOTH so important in educational contexts?

How can we use BOTH blankets AND boundaries with our students?

How can we use blankets AND boundaries with our colleagues and school communities?

How can creating safe and caring spaces in our classrooms, schools and communities bring back the joy of teaching and learning?   

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